Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Learn to forget

Daily Draw: Spiritual Buddhist Cards, Learn and Forget.

Another beautiful card in one of my favourite colour combinations of aqua, blue and gold. There is more to this than delighting my visual senses though. 

Scallop shells (seen at the base) were one of the earliest and most iconic badges worn by medieval pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. More than just a physical journey this bivalve suggests something deeper. Scallops are filter feeders who clarify water thus they are sometimes referred to ecosystem engineers. As Greer writes they symbolise digesting psychological rubbish from the unconscious in a process of evolutionary growth. This fits with the amethyst tones (spirituality) and the verse on the back which reads: 

To learn the Buddha Way
is to learn one's self.
To learn one's self
is to forget one's self.

This figure appears to be in that process. The shadow self (dark blue contours) is known and a radiant self has come to the fore with strobes of light emanating outwards. Still the figure continues to shed not shards of gold but soft flecks of gold leaf. 

The sea is where I go to forget myself. Where is it for you? 

Monday, 29 May 2017


Daily Draw: Spiritual Buddhist Cards: Heart. 

I am so pleased to have drawn this card today which says to me 'heart'. The verse on the back reads: 

I'd like to divide
myself in order to see,
among these mountains,
each and every flower 
of every cherry tree


Fifty maybe sixty years ago someone took the decision to plant cherries all over the communal green space in this neighbourhood. Their stunning blossom canopies are one of the first joyful heralds of spring. When they fall they form the most beautiful pink carpet - always a 'sigh' moment for me. 

I've tried to find out who it was and no luck but what a heartfelt legacy. 

Sunday, 28 May 2017


Daily Draw: Spiritual Buddhist Cards, Spiral. 

I see the three figures in this card as one emerging, forming and firming spiritual being. 

The first, somewhat effaced and abject, is flesh toned symbolising the vulnerable human condition. The next is mostly blue meaning truth, spirituality, calmness and peace but perhaps also depression and melancholy. 

The third formation retains some of this but also in amongst the murky tones there is a small quantity of gold or wisdom. 

The increasing turquoise in the upper right suggests an opening of communication between the heart and the spoken word which heals. 

The reverse of the card affirms:

'We are not going
in circles,
we are going upwards.
The path is a spiral
we have already climbed
many steps.'

- Hermann Hesse

The logic of the spiral which encompasses, includes, develops, and yes-ands, of far greater use to us than the rock logic of 'I am right and you are wrong'. 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Outside words

Daily Draw: Spiritual Buddhist Cards 

Visually this is one of the more complex cards in the deck with an array of colours and patterns in contrasting shades of darkness and light. The quote on the reverse confirms that:

'The truth is
not always beautiful,
nor beautiful words
the truth. 

- Laotse

How to avoid writing something beautiful yet false? The tree on the left, whose energy appears to infuse the heart side of the seated figure, provides a clue. Perhaps a time to find beauty outside of words. 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, 1929 -1968

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

no words

Just woken to news of the terrible attack in my city last night. 

Twenty two people including children lost their lives.There are still people missing, parents and friends still trying to find them. 

Feeling moved our emergency services who drove right into the danger zone and have worked so tirelessly ever since. Also by my fellow Mancunians who took to social media and to the streets to offer tea, lifts, beds. 

Please hold all those affected in your thoughts. 

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Tulip says there is magick in enthusiasm and life is brighter when you wake up to this wonderful feeling. 

Well I have. So am off to do a few things with gusto. 

I don't pay attention to
world ending
It has ended for me
many  times
and began again in the morning

Nayirrah Waheed

Monday, 15 May 2017

Love times two

Daily Draw: Witchlings Deck, Love

Named after my favourite flower Peony arrives with a love pocket. To me she looks to be walking on air. The guidebook makes no reference to romantic love instead speaking to my preferred interpretation of inner love and light (including love and care for oneself) connecting with universal love and from there radiating out to others. 

Paulina writes that when we open our hearts every moment becomes charged with the breath of love, a breath that transforms negative energies into positive. Such opening may be a challenge. Being unloved is learned behaviour that sediments over time leading to the closing of the heart. Yet I am reminded by Sharon Salzberg's book on Faith this closing is not irreversible. 

I also drew 'Love' from the Haindl which is one of the most beautiful Two of Cups I have seen. The peacock appears to ask 'what will you do with your star filled vessels'. Hexagram 1 'the creative' suggests an answer. Love is creative for the world as well as for individuals. Love (as well as bruises) may give us the inspiration to make something of our lives. When we receive this creative power we must use it for good purposes putting energy back into the world. 

I'm not sure what this means for the day ahead but will try to keep eyes and heart open. 

you haven't felt yet
give them time
they are almost here

Nayyirah Waheed

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Daily Draw: Witchlings Deck, Meditation

Jasmine's pose speaks of centering reminding me I've been living in my head for quite a few days now, leading to a 'hardening up'. So have checked in with my calm app for a loving kindness class. As it is going to be sunny I may try Paulina's tree root meditation later. Being transported to a place of bliss might be a tall order. Just dipping a toe back into mindful practice is a start and for that reason I am grateful I drew this card. 

be softer with you.
you are a breathing thing.
a memory to someone.
a home to a life.

nayyirah waheed

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

More fuel

Daily Draw: Witchlings, Manifestation 

So I managed to manifest a sexist old snake today who tried to diminish my expertise and undermine my position. He told me there will have to be interviews for the leadership role to which I have already been assigned. Yet only last week he was arguing organisations should cut the XXXX (his swearword not mine) and adopt the Hollywood model of just hiring who they like (a system that systematically excludes women). 

Funny the back flip into the need for a fair recruitment process when the shoe is on the other foot...Did someone write something about out of date old grey men running the world in their own interests? 

It reminds me of something that Alison Pullen said about epistemic injustice which occurs when our knowledge is rejected because of who we are. Yet I'm feeling unusually irrepressible. It's all fuel for my research cauldron...

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Wands and brooms

Daily Draw, Witchlings Deck: Protection

This being an Ace of Wands month I have been working on wanderly things like my research. I had to smile when I drew Protection by Delphinium. She kindly reminds me of the need to maintain sacred space to keep out negative energy. I can hear her tut tutting at the state of my former sanctuary which is currently given over to multiple piles of journal articles and my own writing. 

No room at all to cast a protective circle as she advises. Perhaps her arrival will give me the extra oomph to wrap up a paper and I can claim back my happy space. Silly me for neglecting the cards and what they can teach these past weeks.