Saturday, 20 May 2017


Tulip says there is magick in enthusiasm and life is brighter when you wake up to this wonderful feeling. 

Well I have. So am off to do a few things with gusto. 

I don't pay attention to
world ending
It has ended for me
many  times
and began again in the morning

Nayirrah Waheed


  1. Amen to Waheed's words; life is a constant ending and beginning. Embrace it all with gusto!

  2. You too! Best of the morning to you :)

  3. Yes it has. The new world just repeats the old world. I'm reading a book on the last 20,000 years of thread. I think other than worrying abouot where the next kabob is coming from it could have been a good life.

  4. Yep I think history is a story of reproduction more than transformation but we can spin out some small changes in our own parish right?

    been working on arts/craft based methods of research - textiles is an anagram of text lies. if you get time throw me a reference to that book?

  5. Makes me think of those mornings that everything is right and wonderful. I proceed to have a lovely and then the next morning yee-gads. I wonder what happens sometimes in dream time? Enjoy your magic filled day.

    1. :D Actually when reading your posts I've thought we are a bit similar in our undulations. one day woohoo 🎉 and the next meh...makes life interesting though

      Hope you have a good day too.

    2. Here Here! To our lives with interesting days.

  6. Who wouldn't feel wonderful if they were filled with the divine (lit trans. ἔνθεος (entheos))