Sunday, 31 December 2017

Spread for 2018

Spread for 2018 Using Pam's Vintage Tarot

This is my spread for 2018 which will probably take me all year to analyse, here are a few initial thoughts. 

The cards to the right are the months. Top row is Jan, Feb, March, April and so on. The Sun and the Page of Swords are the them cards (both jumpers). The Ace of Cups is the shadow. 

Row one:  Assess whether my knowledge represents reality...analyse from a different angle....attend to structure as well as the finer points (notice the hierophants tiny shoes)...commit. 

Row Two: News of outcome...shout hurrah...successfully a happy dance. 

Row Three: Brief audit pentacles wise but don't get stuck here...watery energy arrives for a reason...


These cards may not be the most exciting but they are (dare I say it?) pretty drama free. I have four cups cards which contrasts with my first year of doing daily draws when I had almost no water energy at all. The colour red dominates the top row but aside from there is a lot of blue - symbolising calmness and truth. 

I read that wherever the sun card appears it should be considered central. The sun's light leads to truth, clarity and sureness. It also particularly emphasises cards in close proximity - here the confidence of the Page of Swords. Nice also that the word 'love' appearing next to Pam's signature connects to the dove below. 

I first drew the Ace of Pentacles as the shadow card then the Ace of Wands as a clarifier. I looked again at the instructions and the shadow is the card at the bottom of the deck (Ace of Cups). This tells me I was meant to get an Ace of any description in this position. Hence this is not a beginnings year but a finishing things year and lovingly so. Until then new endeavours must remain in shadow. Numerologically this is a hermit year for me (day and month of birth plus 2018). The nine is the end of a cycle signifying completion and letting go. 

The star is a card of vision but as Katz and Goodwin say without action it is 'like a compass in a prison'. Interesting that it appears close to two receptive cards. Although I notice the feet (symbol of direction) getting closer to water - the queen by the shore and the king dipping a toe. The star in the final position makes perfect sense then pointing to a new cycle that will begin in 2019. 

Happy New Year All! 

Friday, 29 December 2017

never to old to play

Today's Draw: Six of Summer, Victorian Fairy Tarot

Well I'm not ready to sit on the sidelines reminiscing my youth. I've been worn down a couple of times through excess cares. At times I've pretended to be out of joi de vivre just to get along. Which made two miserable people instead of just one. Yet I've always managed to get 'young' again.

Poverty and ill-health aside I wonder when and why people take the permanent decision to be old at heart. It doesn't seem to affect everyone. I know octogenarians with way more life in them than thirty year olds. 

I'm grateful I have my health and the leisure to learn and play today. 


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My friend the queen of swords

Today's Draw: Queen of Swords, Victorian Fairy Tarot

Here she is smashing the popular stereotype that intelligent women must be frumpy. Her body is not just something to carry her brain around and she dresses it well. The most elegant and refined queen in the deck. 

Of all the queens I would turn to her for style advice and I believe that unlike some she would give it freely. She's not the sort to pretend that her 'just so' outfit was the first thing that fell out of the wardrobe. Nor does she do false flattery. 

She may not be the most flamboyant (that crown belongs to the Queen of Wands) but she understands the science of colour, knows what shapes work together and can spot poor quality fabrics at twenty paces. She IS discerning but she is also diplomatic. It makes no sense for a swordly lady to be blunt. 

It's up to you if you take her advice. If you do she'll be pleased to have helped. If you don't she won't be affected. 

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Two become one

Those keys and the crossed fingers raised a wry smile this morning. We have a new wifi radio and I was expecting set up to cause a day of dreaded password pandemonium. When one new account triggers a reaction through all the other ones and before long you have no idea what you're logging in or out of. Or maybe that's just me?

K has long believed instruction manuals to be an unnecessary distraction. I read them cover to cover (to the point I don't dare press a button at all). 

Yet we are changing in our old age....K diligently reading, me impatiently prodding and poking, him tutting. 

We got it working! Which is a very good thing as I've already thrown out the receipt and guarantee. That use to be K's department too.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


Today's Draw: The Hermit, Pam's Vintage Tarot

In 2018 The Hermit is my year card as well as my soul and personality card. Once, twice, three times a hermit...hmmm. According to Waite the Hermit is not about 'occult isolation'. I believe this means not hoarding and hiding special knowledge for fear of critique, contestation or even combination with other knowledges.

The hermit is a wayfarer, one who goes ahead. In my line of work it is important to seek new insights. Less positively always being ahead can become pathological. If the insights gleaned are never shared one may as well be a laggard. 

As Waite states the way Hermit holds up 'his beacon on an eminence' suggesting that this card is about 'attainment'. For me that will require intellectual exchange not stockpiling. 

I've been pondering my word for 2018 - perhaps this is it. 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

No off switch

Today's Draw: Ace of Swords, Pam's Vintage Tarot

An ace of thoughts on a Sunday? Not looking likely...Enough to take my cue from the olive branch and go placidly amidst the noise and the haste.  Although now Ehrmann's poem has me thinking...

Friday, 8 December 2017


Today's Draw: Five of Pentacles, Pam's Vintage Tarot

The lame figure may suggest a problem from the past that a person cannot shake off. Perhaps they use alcohol or other substances as a crutch to make the situation more bearable. From a rational perspective this never solves the problem. Yet I can understand why people do it. Most likely because they do not yet have the inner or outer resources to cope. 

It is easy to tell people to face their problems head on when we know nothing of their actual circumstances. I'm reminded of something a blind and mentally disabled woman said to me at an art workshop 'some things cannot be fixed so they are just left broken'. I knew exactly what she meant. The fixer in me still fights it.