Saturday, 22 April 2017

Energy hoops

Thursday's Draw: Witchlings Deck, Rejuvenation

I feel the need for some gentle positive energy this week so will be working with Paulina's beautiful Witchlings. The deck comes with a 200 plus page book of spells which could also be called rituals, or mindful practices.

Twirling her energy hoops Trillium arrives to remind us to take time to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. She urges us to take time for ourselves and do things that bring us happiness and good health so that our energy may be restored. 

Paulina writes that a healthy glow, freshness of thought and a light hearted feeling can be with us every day if we harmonise with rejuvenating powers. I'd settle for every other day - that would be a huge result.

So many ways to do this. I went to yoga on Thursday and came away walking on air. I've been using the calm app  free guided meditations and relaxing music. Shortly I'm off for a trot through the woods with R and B. 

For those lacking in time or really low on energy the spell book has some less demanding suggestions. Taking time to enjoy a glass of sparkling spring water or doing a skin brushing detox. Apparently the latter tones the muscles. Learned something new...

What can you do to refresh mind, body and spirit today? 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Not playing

Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, The Magician

My first thought good to see a clever looking female magician with a full head of grey hair and then I read the guidebook...

Someone with infinite wisdom usually aged 20-40. Really? Additional meaning an attractive person. Over forty does not fit this category? 

I take a little umbrage. Perhaps this lady does too (see hands in pockets not touching the tools). I imagine her saying if you're not according me the status (or paying me what I'm worth) then I'm not doing the work. Good on her I say. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, Page of Swords

This strikes me as a more mature Page of Swords. Rather than relishing the turbulence or adding to it by wildly waving a enormous sword she wraps up against it. This will protect her from being buffeted about in a continually reactive cycle. 

The guidebook says this card is about asserting what is right and fair and acting with integrity. This young lady uses her grey matter and chooses her battles. She knows that if she doesn't no-one will listen when it really matters. 

Her finger and thumb together seem to say 'speak your truth but do so in a measured way.' The grey behind her and the dagger carried low reminds me sometimes a 'bloodless' narrative is best. 

Let us retreat when we can, not when we must. 

Barbara W Tuchman

Monday, 17 April 2017

wooden coin

Daily Draw, Dreaming WayTarot, Ace of Pentacles

Nice place to start from pentacles-wise eh? My assumption England or Wales. What was once backward is now the dream (just look at the flock circling). Former 'castles' in the city skies catastrophic. Or not depending on whether social housing or a £1 million triplex. 

Pedantically pentacles in my outlook. Viewing through a lens...All day arguing with this card because where it is is where I am not and where I am it isn't. 

Perhaps just accept the energy and begin with a wooden coin...

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, The Hierophant

This is an earthy hierophant. Different from the traditional RWS rendition he has no acolytes and does not raise his hand in benediction. His plain but warm woollen clothes recall simple monastic dress rather than the elaborate vestments of high office. 

The cross on the crown suggests he was ordained but it is interesting he has taken himself out of the structure of the church and into nature. 

Sitting comfortably with a straight back, hands softly resting in his lap he appears to be meditating. Or is this teacher waiting patiently for a learner to come to meet him? Or both. What mysteries do those keys unlock? What growth is suggested by the earthy tone of this card? 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Restoration project

Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, Six of Swords

The recovery card follows on well from the Hanged Man yesterday. The sea in the forefront is a choppy but in the distance the waters are calm. This suggests a move away from turmoil to tranquility. 

If we have been experiencing a really difficult situation sometimes it is necessary to put some distance between ourselves and all but the most positive of energy so we can find peace of mind.

We have a restorative sea trip planned next month. For the first time in thirty odd years I am going to go in it and on it. 

What restorative thing can you do to be kind to yourself today? 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Upside down again

Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, The Hanged Man

In this depiction both feet are bound to the tree. The woman can bind herself further by spinning one way or unravel the binds by spinning the other way. She chooses to maintain the position by gently swaying this way and that observing the world from a different perspective. The aqua blush on her cheeks symbolises serenity, calmness and openness and through that discovery and balance. The green leaves suggest renewal as the result of halting for a while.

The coat hangers may represent the threefold benefits of halting, observing and thinking. I am reminded also that an item used to create order may symbolise entanglement. How hard is it to pull one hanger from a messy stack at the bottom of the wardrobe?

This is the message of the card. To disentangle from situations in which we cannot function is a sufficient action in itself. Deciding what to do next can come later.