Sunday, 27 November 2016

Onwards and upwards

Thursday's Card, The DruidCraft Tarot, Eight of Cups

On Thursday I asked a specific question - should I leave my job (I already knew the answer really) and here it is the eight of cups. The moving on card. The guidebook explains that one of the hardest wisdoms the heart acquires is knowing when to leave a situation - to let go. 

So many times in my life I have waited until things have become absolutely intolerable before letting go. I have been receiving (and ignoring) messages that this role isn't the right one for me for a long time. Last weekend I was metaphorically but almost literally on the floor. As the book suggests it is time to embrace something new. 

I am thankful that things have got so bad that I realise the only way is up and out. I am also thankful that I now know exactly what kind of work I don't want to do which will help me make better decisions about what I want to do next. in every crisis an opportunity...


  1. I grew up with a stepdad telling me "Don't be a quitter." But what about when what I'm doing is killing me - mind, body and spirit? Life is too short to spend a majority of one's waking hours doing something that offers no benefit other than a paycheck. Big hug coming your way.

  2. Ah big thanks for the hug - I need that right now 🙂. My dad said similar things - all he wanted to know was that I had a job (any job) and how much it paid. For me intellectual challenge, doing stuff I am good at, and feeling I am making a difference more important than the pay check.