Sunday, 27 November 2016

withdraw, retreat, self care

Monday's card, The DruidCraft Tarot, Four of Swords. 

Like the guidebook suggests I have been through a period of intense work - 57% of my annual workload has been crammed into 15 weeks. The card also suggests there has been some conflict. There is someone at work who is trying to implicate me in an argument that I don't want to have. 

This card suggests the approach I have been taking and want to take is correct. This is a time for withdrawal and retreat. The card also suggests a need for respite. I have been to the docs and got medication for my insomnia to get me through the next few weeks. Long term I have decisions to make. 


  1. Reminds me of a story about the Buddha. He walked across a farmer's field as he traveled to another village. The farmer ran out, ranting and cursing him for crossing his land. The Buddha asked the farmer, "If someone offers you a gift, but you refuse to take it, to whom does the gift belong?" The farmer replied, "The man who still holds it." The Buddha then said, "Likewise with your anger."
    Sounds like you are making the right decision by leaving the drama in the hands of the person who is stirring the pot. :)

    1. I love that story about the Buddha. Thanks for sharing that wisdom. :)