Sunday, 29 January 2017


Daily Draw: Victorian Fairy Tarot, The Seeress

I had a crystal ball reading a couple of years ago on holiday. I thought I was going to get a tarot reading but for some reason that wasn't on the menu that day. The reader asked me to pick up one of the crystals and not realising how heavy they are I picked up a football sized one and almost dropped it. Cue alarmed glances all round. The reading lasted five minutes cost ten pounds and the main outcome was confirmation that I have a good partner, am a hard worker and can get along with 'vagabonds' and millionaires. I sort of knew that...although I haven't met many millionaires...

Although not what I expected it was pleasant to spend time with nice elderly lady (she must have been 90 odd). I suspect that's what most people get out of these consultations - a bit of reassurance from a grandmotherly person. Quite therapeutic really. 

It's futile to regret the past
which is gone, irretrievable
its company as fleeting as dust

Rumi, 1207-1273


  1. thanks for sharing. I've never had a professional reading, not even sure where to go for one.

  2. Romany readers were once a fixture in most of our seaside resorts. Link to the Whitby one - the exterior is pretty typical.

    Tarot readers here tend to work from home and go by word of mouth which is tricky as people don't talk about tarot for fear of sounding superstitious plus all the negative associations with it in popular culture.

  3. Lucky you. I have never met a gazer of a crystal ball for a reading. I have had a number of readings over the years and most readers don't have a clue, so I quit going. I realized I was attracted to the art of the cards not what the 'reading' was about.

    1. I had a tarot reading last year with ' Barry the witch' (also of Whitby). At the time I came away thinking I could do a better job myself but a couple of his insights turned out to be uncannily accurate. I suppose when you tap into the art of the cards that's you develop deep insights rather than shallow predictions.

  4. Interesting that she had you pick out the crystal! As you said, therapy can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is nice just to have someone take an interest in us.

  5. Yes what I chose probably told her a lot! Your comment reminds me to take more interest in others...