Monday, 2 January 2017

Old friend

Daily Draw: Angel Tarot Cards, Ace of Water/Cups

The angel tarot was my first deck. They saw a lot of use Jan to March 2016 but as my interest in the cards developed I turned away from them as being 'too mainstream'. Just been sorting out my tarot shelf looking for a deck with an emphasis on positivity/healing and we old friends have reintroduced ourselves. 

I DO like them. The intricate illustrated details (I will need to get my eyeglass out). The beautiful jewel like colours, the offer of a brief escape into a world of flora and fauna with unicorns, magnificent butterflies and dragon friends...  the silver foil edges. 

These cards have my imprint - the right side more battered than the other where my nails turned them over (and over and over) early last year. The 'personalisation' feels comforting...

According to the guide this card is also a 1 (37= 3+7=10=1). So a 1 card as my first card in a 1 year (2017: 2+0+1+7=10 = 1). 

The ace can signify the beginning of spiritual growth. Makes sense. I've been researching (only on Pinterest but better than nothing) spiritual and healing activities. Now I just need to start putting it into practice. Where to start? The literature is vast and eclectic. I need a reading list. Suggestions on an (e)postcard? 


  1. Welcome back! I don't know what your beliefs are, so these books might not be of interest. My strongest advice would be to pick just one or two simple things and DO them - such as meditation and yoga, meditation and journaling (add pictures?), etc. (notice the one I mentioned twice :D).
    Pema Chodron's books: Meditation; When Things Fall Apart; Start Where You Are
    Sharon Salzberg: Faith, Lovingkindness
    Eknath Easwaren: Meditation

    1. Ah thanks for the welcome back! Beliefs wise I am just embarking on the 'fools journey'. I like yoga and guided meditation. I struggle to do it alone though. Those books sound like a good start. A quick amazon search reveals Sharon Salzburg also has a happiness at work book which looks interesting. Thank you so much for the outline reading list 📚❤️️!

  2. I agree with Bev. Keeping it simple is the way towards succes. For me practicing gratitude (combined with journaling) even during hard times can be a very healing and uplifting thing to do. One thing though: if you "fail", love your self enough to start over again. Each day is a new opportunity to practice
    Have a wonderful new year!!

    1. 'Every day a new opportunity to practice' wonderful advice thank you!

      I hope you have a great 2017!

  3. Pick one and get rolling. Thinking something to death is a paralysis I'd expect we'd all recognize.

    1. I was so busy being bossy I forgot the invitation. Three things that changed my life for the better? Keeping a gratitude for three years. Doesn't take long to get past the food shelter part and into the deeper part.
      Simple Gratitude. I don't recommend it at this stage of my life, but as a first year book it gave me permission to go deeper.
      Doing FlyLady, I can't even begin to explain how many ways sticking with it (9 months to do my house inside out) helps me every day. Love seeing you back.

  4. I'm on it! Picked meditation and ordered 3 Sharon Salzberg books.

  5. Invitations here are always open ended :) and your bossy is good...

    Thanks for the fly lady suggestion. I like her suggestion to 'get dressed to your shoes everyday' A way also to practice (and show) gratitude for the lovely boots Keith gave me for Christmas!

    Thanks for the welcome back :)