Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A bit of a hotch potch

Daily Draw: Shadowscapes Tarot, The Fool

She stands on the precipice with only the ribbons and doves to hold her up if she makes that leap. The fox cannot understand the leap of faith she is about to take. The guidebook asks who is the fool? The woman for instinctively embracing the unknown or the fox for being too rooted in rational thought? 

The monkey beneath her feet gazes intently at a tiny glowing heart. The bees buzz that passion needs to meet industry. The butterfly whispers of courage to change. The primate on the left reminds us to take time to smell the roses. 

The answer to yesterday's questions seems to be back to the beginning. The sun tattoo on the fool's foot reminds me to keep the almost end in sight. I have been naughty with this deck (demanding answers, berating it for its honest responses) but tomorrow I will miss it. 


  1. Why miss it? Who says you can't continue working with it, if it speaks so clearly to you?

  2. this fool reminds me of a scene in Foyle's War in which a Russian soldier swans off a bridge rather than pick harsh death by being shipped home. He chose the right to chose. Beautiful deck

    1. It is a beautiful deck. I really like the sense of movement and music within in it. I think it might have been better in a larger format although maybe discovering the almost secret detail is part of what draws me in...

    2. lots of folk wish the cards were larger...then they'd complain because they are too big to shuffle. they are shown larger on her website though http://www.shadowscapes.com/Tarot/cardsmain.php?suit=0 or the Paulina http://www.paulina.ws/tarot/ she has a couple more in the pipeline

    3. Looking forward to the new deck by Paulina Cassidy!