Saturday, 1 April 2017

Wise cups

Daily Draw: Shadowscapes Tarot, Two of Cups

These two look to be insanely in love. Hands matched perfectly, they wrap themselves around each other in an embrace as fluid as smoke. One tentatively offers a heart, the other a cup from which they both drink deeply.

A sylph keeps watch over larger cup balanced precariously on an outlying branch. Is one lover holding something back or holding something in reserve? 

This card reminds me of how young people in love will put up with all manner of privations to be together because just being together is enough. I remember a young couple who spent their last penny on a deposit for a flat, couldn't afford crockery and took in turns to have a cup of tea for a few months. Long term they didn't make it. 

The first flushes of romantic love only take us so far. The lengths people will go to to be together is an indicator. How we respond when life throws up a major test is a better predictor. The lavender dryad is wise to keep a cup in reserve for that time. 


  1. They are going to need an extra cup, I imagine. It is filled with honesty and kindness as well as the clarity of communication.

    1. Those are the cups for the long haul....

  2. "The first flushes of romantic love only take us so far." But how magical it was..