Sunday, 9 April 2017

devil's can can

Daily Draw: Paulina Tarot, The Devil

Since beginning daily draws I've only pulled the devil twice. This card strikes me as a curiously camp and comedic devil. Yet even this lady in her finery is underdressed compared with modern 'fashion'. 

I'm thinking of cheap, throwaway fashion one of the markers of which is over embellishment. I wonder what tempts a designer to furbish a single t shirt with sequins and beads and pockets and zips and stitching and slogans and glitter all at once? What tempts someone to buy it? Why would member of the opposite sex find it a good look? 

Ethically highly embellished fast fashion is the worst - produced by children working into the night stitching in poor light on a penny an hour.  

Give me a well cut white t-shirt any day of the week except no-one takes pride in crafting something beautifully simple any more. 

Elegance is refusal

Coco Chanel


  1. In the 70's I purchased a blue knit shirt with a large multi color rhinestones. I was at the height of fashion, along with my thrift store Gunny Sax dress. I still don't know any better, you should see my rhinestone brooch selection...The devil didn't make me do it but the rail thin models may have. I've never worn false eyelashes though

  2. Ah I may have come across as more austere than I am. Was looking for a white tee today and got on my high horse 🐴 (in western style studded boots). I nearly bought white rhinestone shoeboots last week and I have worn false lashes (the 'natural'ones that looked like windscreen wipers)

    Your brooches sound cool - rhinestone away...

  3. Do you remember shoulder pads? lol Maybe the devil just wants a bit of fun today without so much seriousness. :)

  4. Yes I remember those. That is the good side of mr d... :D

  5. I wonder sometimes who let someone out of the dress so garishly? I really can't say much, my fashion sense is pretty limited.