Sunday, 16 April 2017


Daily Draw: Dreaming Way Tarot, The Hierophant

This is an earthy hierophant. Different from the traditional RWS rendition he has no acolytes and does not raise his hand in benediction. His plain but warm woollen clothes recall simple monastic dress rather than the elaborate vestments of high office. 

The cross on the crown suggests he was ordained but it is interesting he has taken himself out of the structure of the church and into nature. 

Sitting comfortably with a straight back, hands softly resting in his lap he appears to be meditating. Or is this teacher waiting patiently for a learner to come to meet him? Or both. What mysteries do those keys unlock? What growth is suggested by the earthy tone of this card? 


  1. Love that the keys are hanging on a tree rather than in his hands. Maybe he is like St. Francis and knows the sacred can be found in the natural world too.

    1. I love that too! Like St Francis a good interpretive and a reminder to spend time outdoors this bank hol :)

    2. Most teachers say they learn a lot from their students, perhaps his is sitting quietly soaking in that new thought pattern
      2 keys, one going in one going out

    3. an in door and an out door. I like that.