Sunday, 11 June 2017

Be fast or be faff

Daily Draw: Llewellyn's Classic Tarot, Knight of Wands

This knight has something very specific he wants to achieve. I could learn. 

I've spent the morning faffing around online. Discovered Bloglovin. Signed up and claimed my blog. Hence the weird preceding post which did not add bloglovin button here as promised. Anyhow sorted feed which should be good for following others but hardly life changing. 

What I've actually been meaning to do for months is sort out my Instagram but now I'm bored of passwords and instructions that don't work... 

So off to learn a few tarot lessons which was my plan for today. This is a new deck for me which uses traditional RWS imagery so should be good for connecting with the core meanings of the cards. Some online reviews of the book have critiqued it for being too basic. I actually like it especially as it provides a key to the main symbols. The introduction to the court cards (with which I struggle like many new readers) I've found useful also. Although I still don't know which queen is most like me. Probably the one that faffs around...


  1. I saw the Blogloving link and almost got tempted before I decided not to go down that long, winding rabbit hole. :D
    I find it funny you drew the charismatic Knight of Wands; I can imagine him saying, "Who says I'm boring!? I've got way more meat on my bones than some of those fluffy art decks!"
    I do thing 'basic' decks help us build a strong foundation and framework for more intuitive reading ('decorating the house').

  2. Yes I smiled when he rode in :D

    I like that analogy solid foundations, brick and mortar first, cosmetic work secondary.

  3. I have made a personal "LWB" in a moleskine-like notebook in wich I jot down the core meanings of my RW based decks. I find those here and there and everywhere while jaffing about the internet ore flipping through my guidebooks :D

    1. Hi! Good to meet you on Bloglovin :)

      Now there's another thing I've been meaning to do start my own book of meanings. I have my eye on a paperblanks which looks a bit like a spell book although I do love a moleskin.

      If your fab posts are the outcome of fafftime I should do more of it :D

  4. Okay, I have never heard the word faffing. I had to look it up and the term is described as a verb, adverb used by Brits. So maybe your knight road in to help you stop faffing around. It is so challenging to define ourselves as one type of 'woman/queen' In our world women have to wear many hats. If you had to box yourself in I believe you are more of a Queen of Swords type of woman. You have spent years in study and walk the hallowed halls of academia. You seemed to be challenging the 'old boys way' at University. Your sword of truth compels you to seek the right way of things. Still even Queens get caught faffing around from time to time.

    1. Hi thanks for the analysiis, very kind of you to offer a mini reading! I was thinking swords or pentacles. Might spend some faff time trying to get a nuanced understanding of the q of s and why I might resist that identity.

      You've sparked another thought that maybe we each have a volume and composition of queen energies within each of us. So for example a woman may be 50% swords, 30% pentacles, 15% wands with a dash of cups. And these may change depending on our life course, experiences and present reality. Your thoughts have really moved me on in how I think of the courts thank you!

    2. You are absolutely correct. We are multi-dimensional women. Our depth of personality is more than just what appears on the surface. Like Astrology we are more than just our Sun-Sign. We have to take in account the Rising Sign at birth as well as the placement of the other planets, especially the Moon. I have always understood the Court Cards as people cards, and if doing a spread most likely a person or a identification of person in the placement of the card in the spread comes into play. Similar to dreams, if there are different people in the dream most if not all are composites of ourselves. Mostly those court cards or any of the card are how you feel and interpret them.