Thursday, 22 June 2017

Exceeding the brief

Daily Draw: Llewellyn's Classic Tarot, Three of Pentacles 

This is usually a favourite card however my immediate response to this version is that the sculpture is an unnecessary addition and the beautiful stone work at the top is enough. Why exceed the brief? Is he showing off or did he overshoot? Perhaps a lack of confidence that the stone work wasn't sufficient? 

Mused a little bit and maybe this is a metaphor for my PhD (or four PhDs as the case may be). It reminds me of what we were told at induction that the task was not to pursue a nobel prize and probably only two people would read the work...

A friend put it to me that writing a monograph on Mr Bourdieu is a life times work not a doctoral thesis the purpose of which is to demonstrate I can carry out a research project independently. On the other hand if you're going to be late be great... 

Future wise the two figures to the left hint at the importance of gaining feedback. I have just had some on a research paper which is that it is good enough to publish. If I hadn't forced myself to share the work I'd still be writing it now...

Deep breath, time to unveil the thesis for some feedback...


  1. While the woman looks thrilled with the sculpture, the man looks like he's concerned with how much this thing is going to cost him.
    Hope the feedback is helpful!

    1. Oh you are good. I've just enlarged the image and yes their facial expressions do seem to tell that tale.

  2. This shows how different people have often different opnions, so if you don't agree with your feedback you could always ask for a second opnion :)

    1. Trouble is finding someone with time and generosity to read 80,000 words. Although I suppose if I don't ask...