Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Is it a problem?

Daily Draw: The Shaman's Oracle: The Hunter of Dreams. 

According to the book seeking a true dream is a vital part of living. Is it? 

No big dreams to report. Which makes me wonder if I'm jaded and hopeless or just experienced? 

When I think of things I wanted to do...

1. Be a magazine journalist - not achieved - now a dying industry
2. Work in an art gallery - did that wasn't as glamorous as I thought. 
3. Do a PhD - almost and moaning about it
4. Work in a university - like it but doesn't make me ecstatically happy (sometimes like working in a pound shop)

The Hunter of Dreams promises to protect us as we transcend ourselves and realise our innermost hopes.  I can think of no great dream that would lead to a compete state of everlasting satisfaction only interests and an openness to new experiences. 

One thing I do miss is a feeling of shy optimism as a young woman living in a big city studying and earning my own money. Pleased with what I was doing with my life and hopeful I could do more. Breathing possibilities in the evening air that I couldn't or didn't dare put into words. 

Perhaps the hunter is here to remind me of this. As much chance of retrieving my 24 inch waist...

And those were the days of roses
Poetry and prose and Martha
All I had was you and all you had was me
There was no tomorrows
We'd packed away our sorrows
And we saved them for a rainy day

Tom Waits, 1949 - 


  1. I can relate to these feelings. When I was young the world was my playground but each choice closes many doors to other possibilities. Studies, marriage, motherhood,etc and let's not forget everything that happens in life: The good things but perhaps even more the sad parts shape our existence and our personality and we keep making choices and closing doors
    Maybe the only dream we should hold on to is to love and be open to receive love....

    1. I wish I hadn't been so blasé about closing doors before they started slamming shut all by themselves...

      You are right about love in the end all that matters

  2. Pursuing those things possible and some things that are improbable keeps us young. When you give up the pursuit, well just don't give up the pursuit.

  3. I can remember being young and feeling like the world as my oyster. Then the world/reality beat up my dreams. :D After that, I figured I would find a job that was tolerable and I could find my joy in other places.