Saturday, 4 February 2017

Masks and Masquerades

Daily Draw: The Faeries' Oracle, Sylvanius

Sylvanious says 'your face is not your truth'. As the book explains others project what they like and dislike about themselves, their hopes, fears and misunderstandings upon us. It is easy to accept these false projections as our reality when it is really only a partial picture of ourself. 

Although we are pretty much stuck with the face we are born with (soft, hard, conventionally good looking, unusual etc.) which may partly determine whether others respond favourably to us, there are masks we can wear. Make up being a fairly innocuous way to show your best face to the world. 

There are others - careful image management for political purposes, choosing what face to show to whom. I have been badly hurt a couple of times by devious individuals who have succeeded in convincing anyone who mattered that they were a nice people when they were nothing of the sort. 

So why let our views of ourselves be limited by those who care nothing for us... 

The message of this card is to dare to look in the real mirror that the world holds up but also inwards at our true selves. As we begin to shed the false and misleading beliefs we have accepted about ourselves we may find out we are better than we thought. 

Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.

Jean Cocteau


  1. Great post. Appearances and words can deceive, but observing the actions of someone can give a good general picture of what that person stands for. Just wish some Americans who voted for our current president had done this!

    1. Maybe why Sylvanious asks us to look deep within beyond fear and ego so we can resist demagogues...

      I'm really enjoying working with this deck and book. Great recommendation, thank you!

  2. We have been told by so many people who we are and are supposed to be and who we are not and never will be.
    Finding our true selves is like gluing together the mirror of our soul, shard by shard

    1. How easy it is to accept limitations that belong to someone else...

      Gluing together the mirror of our shoul shard by shard - such achingly beautiful writing thank you for sharing

  3. I think we are all on the same page today. great work with this deck.

  4. A very thought provoking post. Reminding ourselves that everyone and everything may not be as it appears.