Monday, 13 February 2017


Daily Draw: The Shaman's Oracle, Ancestor of Guidance. 

Echoes of ancient paths. Having Irish ancestry on both sides it is quite hard to trace old family history. Anyway earlier generations might not want me prying into their lives...

There are at least two generations of teachers before me and some members of the family have been pleased to offer this service without pay or position. In so doing they have enriched other lives. 

Granny was a great dressmaker and I wouldn't be surprised to find a draper, tailor or milliner going further back. Love of fashion is in our bones. I refuse to accept it is trivial. Dressing well is self-respect and shows respect for others. 

At least three grandparents grew up on the coast and travelled for employment. I am proud of the Irish work ethic. 

According to the guidebook the Ancestor of Guidance says 'because I am of your family...I know well the deepest places of your heart and soul, and stand ready to assist you in discovering the path you need to follow'

These are the threads that loop through my life. Pursuit of knowledge, hard work, history, the coast, Irishness and always a good coat, bag and shoes. 

The spiritual path which is the ancestor's main concern will unfold in and amongst that. 

You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

Irish saying 


  1. This post got me thinking about my own ancestors. On my mother's side they were sailors and fisherman and before that they were bakers. That's why my mothers last name is Koek (cookie). On my fathers side they were mostly farmers. But all together they were hardworking people
    Sitting here with my coffee and my laptop feels a bit lazy now....

    1. Ooh mostly food producers - interesting. I wonder why going to sea became a better option than baking? I am endlessly fascinated.

      I think most of us live a more leisurely life than our ancestors - probably part of what they were working for. I am thankful for their efforts.

  2. Love that Irish saying (I can relate :D). Most of my family resembles our ancestors from the Netherlands; I have been told by many that I look (and act) like my great-grandfather from Scotland. He loved books and learning, and he worked as hard as he drank. I've had to unlearn some of what has been passed down! :)

    1. Keith and I were discussing last night and he said 'the Irish and Scots are either workaholics or alcoholics' I said don't underestimate them - they can achieve both...naughty humour I know but true in my family...had to unlearn too :)

  3. Ha ha. A bit like the history of a life no perfect upward trahjectory but spiralling loops.