Sunday, 31 December 2017

Spread for 2018

Spread for 2018 Using Pam's Vintage Tarot

This is my spread for 2018 which will probably take me all year to analyse, here are a few initial thoughts. 

The cards to the right are the months. Top row is Jan, Feb, March, April and so on. The Sun and the Page of Swords are the them cards (both jumpers). The Ace of Cups is the shadow. 

Row one:  Assess whether my knowledge represents reality...analyse from a different angle....attend to structure as well as the finer points (notice the hierophants tiny shoes)...commit. 

Row Two: News of outcome...shout hurrah...successfully a happy dance. 

Row Three: Brief audit pentacles wise but don't get stuck here...watery energy arrives for a reason...


These cards may not be the most exciting but they are (dare I say it?) pretty drama free. I have four cups cards which contrasts with my first year of doing daily draws when I had almost no water energy at all. The colour red dominates the top row but aside from there is a lot of blue - symbolising calmness and truth. 

I read that wherever the sun card appears it should be considered central. The sun's light leads to truth, clarity and sureness. It also particularly emphasises cards in close proximity - here the confidence of the Page of Swords. Nice also that the word 'love' appearing next to Pam's signature connects to the dove below. 

I first drew the Ace of Pentacles as the shadow card then the Ace of Wands as a clarifier. I looked again at the instructions and the shadow is the card at the bottom of the deck (Ace of Cups). This tells me I was meant to get an Ace of any description in this position. Hence this is not a beginnings year but a finishing things year and lovingly so. Until then new endeavours must remain in shadow. Numerologically this is a hermit year for me (day and month of birth plus 2018). The nine is the end of a cycle signifying completion and letting go. 

The star is a card of vision but as Katz and Goodwin say without action it is 'like a compass in a prison'. Interesting that it appears close to two receptive cards. Although I notice the feet (symbol of direction) getting closer to water - the queen by the shore and the king dipping a toe. The star in the final position makes perfect sense then pointing to a new cycle that will begin in 2019. 

Happy New Year All! 


  1. Hurray for a drama free year! Of course that doesn't mean you won't have exciting adventures or plenty of new information to keep your curious side content. :)

  2. I can't read spreads anymore, but doing a utility read (and one card I can't make out)
    I see 4 cards looking back (past)
    2 cards looking right (future)
    4 cups, 1 swords, 3 wands, don't expect a lottery win,no coins, unless the one I can't make out is a coin court.
    4 majors, 3 courts.
    7 cards looking forward (facing reality?)

    just some compost for the reading...

    1. I noticed the cards facing forwards but not the significance. Facing reality in relation to the energy of those cards is a good lead. Thank you.

  3. My initial thoughts are that you will have a fairly balanced year. All bright and shiny and the promise of a good year. With a fairly good mix of pips and 4 majors. I too noticed the 4 cards looking back towards the Sun and I think there will be times through the year that when things get a bit rough you will wonder what happened to my Sunshine? Then things will balance out. The Star card gives you hope that the bit of topsy turvy year you will experience will ultimately end with the promise of some wish to be fulfilled in the new year of 2019.

    1. Ah thanks so much for this reading Carolyn. The year ahead in a nutshell. I will definitely remember.

    2. what is life with out some ups and downs? The only major in each of your months besides the Star in December is the Hanged Man in February, something you will have to possibly revaluate. Happy New Year!