Saturday, 27 August 2016

Funny weird

Daily Draw: The Linestrider Tarot, King of Pentacles
What a surprise. Today I fully expected one of those ‘it could be this,KP it could be that cards’, the High Priestess or the Moon. I do wonder why and when they became a standard part of the tarot. If the cards are there to answer questions for what reason would a person insert two mute(inous)  majors? Seems a bit of a cop out. Farting around complaining about cards I haven’t even drawn…
Back to Kingeth owl de pentacularism. In this deck his ‘queen’ is woman besotted with her rabbit. The Page wanders round nude with a monkey. Knight Pents is pretty conventional (although he lives in a coin) but a funny family all the same. Is there any other sort?

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