Saturday, 27 August 2016

Shoulda, Coulda, Whatever

Daily Draw: The Wildwood Tarot, Two of Stones/twostonesPentacles
‘You should’. Together two of the most unhelpful words in the English language. How often do we ask of ourselves and each-other ‘what would you like to do?’
When I first started with the cards I signed up for emails from a ‘directive’ internet taroist. Today an interpretation of the two of pentacles dropped into my inbox – you should keep to deadlines, pay bills, maintain your diary, meet commitments and blah blah blah…
I’ve ignored the advice and got on with what I wanted to do which was clear up the house. It felt good.
The hares remind me that I can box away the externally imposed ‘shoulds’ at least for a day. And I’m unsubscribing from that site – I don’t need it anymore.
The function of freedom is to free someone else.
Toni Morrison, 1931-

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  1. We never 'should' all over ourselves.
    I think I remember some article once upon a time that mentioned seeing boxing hares - hence the saying 'Mad as March Hare.'