Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Do what?

Daily Draw: Golden Tarot, Two of Coins

No surprise I got the juggle card today. This chap has a wry look of 'really' 'do what?' on his face. Do the balancing act but as the pointing finger suggests 'don't forget your shoes'.  

The characters in this deck are pretty stylish. According to the fashion press velvet is a look for AW 2016 as is brocade. Red boots are in (if not tights). Not sure about the funny hat. Although it could have functional value in hiding my roots or keeping my brains in place. 

The waves and the ships remind me to turn the other way. Easy to take the body on holiday while the mind stays at work. 

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955. 


  1. I wish my mind could take a week off :)

  2. It's a modern curse. 'Knowledge workers' find it hard to manage psychological boundaries. I teach this but often ignore it in my own life. So I won't say anything trite. But try! I managed it once this year :)

  3. One year I kept a tally of the daily cards I drew. The Two of Pents was one I drew way more than any others - it was maddening! :D