Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Beacon of hope and healing

Daily Draw: Anna K Tarot, The Star

The first of the celestial cards. I've been thinking of health and healing these past few days so it is interesting to read Anna K's interpretation that Star offers the prospect of healing and becoming whole. She writes that 'even if we have suffered a lot in our personal history, we came into being whole and uninjured and therefore we can become whole again'. It is with the hope of healing that the healing process begins. In this way the Star holds out the promise of what in the World card comes true. 

Now I've just done a life expectancy quiz and my estimated LE is 77. Ouch! The good news is I am clear on the two things that will increase it by 10 years + (more exercise and quitting the cigs). 

Even better news reducing my wine intake will only add 2 and bit years. I'm willing to do that trade. According to the quiz giving up wine altogether will actually reduce my LE (by a month or two). Feeling smug now...And the day started off so well...

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.

W.C. Fields, 1880 -1946 


  1. Life and it's minutes are made up of trade-offs.

  2. Saying yes to one thing often means saying no to something else. Not a problem as long I'm making intentional choices. :)

  3. Such a simple but lovely painting. I was doing a write-up for a project and came across the word "integrity," one meaning being wholeness and unification. I guess when we make informed choices, it is sort of the same thing.

  4. It is - the colours in the artwork are beautiful - sadly the stunning yellows never come up the same in my scans. In this scan the night sky is darker than in the actual deck but I actually quite like it.

    I remember being at a friends house and overhearing his mother telling his sister (who was having a hard time at work) you always have a choice - at the time I thought it was quite austere, not enough consideration of external factors but the more I think on it she was right. In every circumstance if we have a pulse and are conscious we can always choose.

  5. I love how she has depicted the celestial cards in her deck: just the heavenly bodies. So beautiful!
    Quitting the cigs is the best thing you can do for yourself besides never starting to smoke in the first place. I quit three and a half years ago.. Sometiems it is still hard

  6. Yes when you see them depicted like this other decks seem cluttered by comparison. Well done for quitting!