Thursday, 15 September 2016

Redemption, really?

Daily Draw: Anna K Tarot, Judgement

This looks like an escape into the promised land but the cloaked figure at the foot of the stairs is not so sure. Strip off and run headlongstrong into the light or maintain some cover? 

For Anna K this card signifies redemption - rising from the darkness into a new life. I think opportunities for redemption are few and far between. Human beings are not that forgiving although it is easy to forget our own mistakes. And then there is the whole issue of digital media, an immense archive of abject foolishness. Not sure I trust the angel in this card either. 

Anna K says that if you want to be truly redeemed you must account for your past, acknowledge what was good and bad and then let go. Oh that it were so simple...


  1. The hardest part of forgiveness it not to forgive some one else but to forgive yourself. It feels like the ascending people have been able to do this but the figure in the shadows isn't quite ready yet. He is carrying a dark and heavy cloak of guilt and regret

    1. Spiritually you are light years ahead of me. :)

    2. Writing it down so much easier than putting it in to practice ☺

    3. Writing it down so much easier than putting it in to practice ☺

  2. each day comes with a restart button. Self programed is certainly better than one programed for us with someone else's agenda.

  3. I'll be pressing that buttorn tomorrow