Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Stalking cards and penny drop moments

Daily Draw: Ship of Fools Tarot, Knight of Staves/Wands

Of all the courts I seem to get the Knight and King of Wands most often. Not sure why and not sure I know who or what they mean. According to Brian Williams this knight can denote a traveller especially one who withdraws or departs. First thought isn't that all travellers? Second thought actually travelling can be about arrivals. This reminds me that cards wise I am still on 'a journey' .

I did have a penny drop moment when reading through the Book of Fools this week. The High Priestess card (which I have previously struggled with) can be seen as the conceptual and meditative aspect of the feminine principle as compared with the active Empress. Now there is a personal connection as I am definitely more theorist than activist. Representative of unwritten histories? Like that too. As Minerva/Athena she is Goddess of wisdom arts, crafts and more. Known for her calm temperament she will only fight for just causes. 

Best of all as Williams observes the idea of a Tarot Papess is heretical and likely to agitate the powers that be. I'm starting to like her a lot...

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