Wednesday, 21 September 2016

M is for manifest and P is for...well you know...

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Hidden Realm, The Magician

I am reminded by this card of the magic of writing technologies from stone tablets to quill and parchment to my iPad. This clever little thing that I was berating last night (having sucked it dry of energy) talks as if by magic to the speaker in my kitchen filling my life with rich sounds. I can move pictures from it to my Mac instantly via Airdop. Telepathy between devices - what I've always wanted. In the future maybe I'll be able to download brain thoughts without typing a thing. 

And then there is unmagic. My poor old laptop that I have so abused - copying and pasting from PDFs to Word, hammering out notes to meet a deadline for returning a library book, all kinds of silly trinkets inadvertently downloaded to the hard drive while downloading apps that turned out to be useless. 

My thesis graveyard. The thought of trying to resurrect it makes my shoulders slump. How to move thesis from the craptop to the Mac without introducing naughty pixies into the latter and killing that as well. It's a dilemma. Procrastination is beating manifestation. 

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C Clarke, 1917-2008


  1. Perhaps if you mail your thesis to yourself or copy it into a cloud. Or you could copy it to an online doc from Googledocs.. Just some thoughts. Maybe it helps :)
    P.s Pixies don't usually attach themselves to docx.
    P.p.s As much as I love the Devil, I don't care for this guy at all

  2. In this deck or generally? I wonder what inspired the images - this one reminds me on 'bonny' prince Charlie. SHadowdance guy reminded me of John Bon Jovi and I spotted a David Bowie lookalike in one of the cards. Or is it just me?

    1. Just in this deck, he doesn't do it for me as The Magician.

  3. This Magician makes me laugh with his "come hither" look. :D Ack, technology has its valleys and mountaintops. Hope you manage to make the climb back up without too many pixies tagging along. Ellen's idea might be workable.

  4. the treasures will come to the top and the thesis will fly again. better. Because the good stuff lasts, else why have we seen the
    Lascaux paintings as treasure. Think how many colored rocks were ground to dust before the artists said "this is good." "This is enough".

  5. Oh thanks I've overshot a bit and gone way beyond enough. But nothing I have done is like those paintings. Just beautiful. Thank you so much for your kind comments it is really generous of you. Maybe you could make money as a thesis whisperer....