Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Daily Draw, Wizards Tarot, The Dark Lord

Power and resistance, there's something of the devil in each. One method of resisting the power of managers in organisations is filibustering (a new word yippee). This refers to speaking at great length (often on irrelevant or obscure matters) in a meeting in order to prevent actions being agreed. 

Apparently there is a long history of the use of filibuster in the US Senate to delay or block legislation. Chris Murphy recently filibustered for a record breaking 15 hours on gun control. It happens in our Parliament too. Didn't know the word for it until now. Result. 


  1. Never heard of that word before! it's the same as in Dutch though: "filibusteren"

    1. Just looked up the eytemology - seems it could be gift from the Dutch language (some interpretations emphasise French or Spanish roots) The word filibuster goes back to a Dutch word for "freebooter," someone who took booty or loot. It came to mean a legislator who was 'pirating' parliamentary proceedings. I love this word !

  2. Oh, thanks for the etymology of the word - the 'pirating of proceedings' paints and even better picture of the word!

  3. Yes next meeting I go to I'm taking my parrot. Oooh Arrrr.