Sunday, 18 September 2016

Food of the sun

Daily Draw: Anna K Tarot, The Sun

A beautiful artistic rendition of the sun, my third celestial of the week. We have had sunshine this weekend but the heat is less intense than it was in August.  In temperate conditions I can be grateful for all the wonderful vegetables the sun helps to produce. 

Suitably inspired I made lunch of leeks, baby corn, spring onions, sugar snap peas, cashew and pine nuts roasted in a drizzle of olive oil. Served up with perfectly ripe avocado and parmesan shavings. 

Delicious, surprisingly filling and no 'dirty' feeling after eating. Nuts and avocado can seem pricey but actually compared with meat very economical. I got a bag of pistachios for £2.60 and quarter of the pack was enough for both of us. 

As the cooler weather approaches it is easy to seek comfort in stodgy food. I'm making it a goal to eat veggie and carb free at least four days a week. 

It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.

Albert Einstein, 1979-1955


  1. Eating veggie is doable for me but carb free??? I love my bread and cereals so much:)

  2. That's a start! Sourdough loaf with olive oil and balsamic. Mmmhmm :)

  3. Can't think of another addiction that so improves the skin! That's a keeper :)

  4. I'm with Ellen, if I don't have a bit of carb with a meal I'll just keep on eating. and eating.
    Sounds like a wonderful salad

  5. I've probably been too austere. Thanks for shining light on that. I reckon begin with the veg and add small amounts of oil, cheese and bread to taste. I do feel a lot better for doing this today :)

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