Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Out of clutter

Daily Draw: Gateway Oracle Cards, Cherishing Self

I was surprised to draw this as I've done a fair amount of self-cherishing in the shopping centre recently. On reflection though this is surface level self care. 

Real self nurturing is feeling good on the inside which shines through to the outside. Partly why I've chosen to work with this deck. Feeling a little trepidation at getting back into the thesis and in need of some positive calming energies.

A harmonious environment helps too. I bought Denise Linn's Sacred Space last year and ironically became too busy and stressed to read it let alone indulge in the home clearing rituals she suggests. The wrong way round. As the oracle guidebook suggests we cannot adequately look after anyone else when our glass is empty to half full. 

So I'll start reading and try to remember to balance headwork with the housework that makes a home a joy to live in. In fact clearing a smudge off my MacBook I've just discovered a function that has evaded me for two years. Woohoo! What other possibilities await? 

The table's simple balanced offer reminds me that I like nice things in small quantities. A single rose can bring great pleasure. One artisan made chocolate delivers over and above a bumper box. Who knows as I centre my space I may become a more mindful shopper...

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955


  1. Ah the bliss of simplicity and decluttering; both in our house as well as in our mind.
    Shopping is a surface level of self care: so true. I try to look beneath the craving for a new deck or a box of chocolate, because often there is something which need to be cared for first.
    Great post and a welcome reminder to take care of myself.

  2. Ah yes, self-indulgence often masquerades as self-compassion (it is why I have so many decks :D). I never feel guilty or out of sorts when I follow the self-compassion route, but almost always do when I indulge.