Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Shepherd's delight

Daily Draw: The Wild Unknown Tarot: Nine of Wands

This cult classic arrived today and in my hands I understand why it is such. Elegant, emotional, honest, raw. I felt an immediate connection which hasn't happened before. The thoughtful packaging speaks of the treasure within and the cards don't fail to deliver. I can see why this gained a following in fashion circles. 

The backs of the cards are snakeskin patterned (initially I thought fishnets but was happy with that also). Being a big fan of animal print I love the leopard/magician and the tiger/high priestess. I did a mini interview which revealed the strength of this deck is travel companion. I can indeed envisage taking it everywhere I go. 

The guidebook is written with beautiful economy. It doesn't shy away from shadow. Dark and light are equally present with neither being overworked. 

My first reaction to the deck was 'wands dominant'. I don't know if individual decks have a prevailing suit? I'd be interested to know other's thoughts on this...

So it was my card of the day was nine of wands. An almost complete journey and a final stretch in which we may feel weary. The thickets either side of the steps reflect this feeling of being hemmed in but if we take a few more steps we emerge into the blush dusk sky. What other delights lie beyond?   

Pink sky at night, shepherds delight. Unattributed. 


  1. Looks to be an interesting deck. I look forward to your postings on the deck.

  2. I really like this deck without humans.I've never thought of the pink sky as the coming delight for those who persevere (Here they say red sky at night, sailors' delight, but I think I prefer the shepherd one!)

    1. My parents used to say pink sky at night shepherds delight, pink sky in the morning shepherds warning. I can't find it anywhere on the web only the sailor version which I've not heard of before...I like that too!